San Diego Trip Itinerary

I will start my week-long trip on Thursday, Feb. 2, taking Capitol Limited 25 from Washington, D.C. to Chicago. After a short layover on Friday, Feb. 3, I will take Southwest Chief 3 from Chicago to Los Angeles. Depending upon my arrival time in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 5, I will take Pacfic Surfliner (train number TBA) from L.A. to San Diego. After four days in San Diego, I will fly from San Diego to Washington Dulles International Airport on Thursday, Feb. 9 aboard JetBlue Flight 314.

During this trip, I will attempt to update this blog (both words and pictures) remotely using my Verizon wireless internet connection. In addition to my Sony Vaio laptop computer, which has Microsoft Streets & Trips and a GPS receiver to plot the train route, I will use a Sony Cyber-shot digital camera and a Radio Shack handheld programmable scanner to help document the trip.

Jacksonville, Florida

(Note: This is the final entry for my trip from Los Angeles to Orlando via Amtrak. This blog, originally called The Great American Travelogue Experiment, was published in May of 2005. In addition, it was published live from the train using a wireless card, one of the first rail travelogues to ever do so. To view this trip from the beginning, click here and follow the links at the top right of each post.)

Sunset during service stop on May 23, 2005.